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Marketing Movement with Legs

Since the 90 center start in 2008, the number of participating centers has steadily grown past 1,000 to 1,264 in the summer of 2016. Reports from centers confirm that in just the category of summer shoe rental revenues alone, participating centers to date have taken in over $100 million dollars!!!!


The Kids Bowl Free Family Bowling Adult Youth Mini League is a program designed to introduce adults and children to league bowling using a special bowling format that has great appeal to those low in bowling skills. Bowling's most hidden league asset . . . adult/youth format built to attract families new to league play to your center. Teams will participate in a specific bowling format that is fun, not intimidating, and sure to create excitement, positive word of mouth and future business your the center.


BBBI operates a very strong public relations arm of its Kids Bowl Free Marketing Movement and in partnership with its Public Relations Firm, has been covered by all the major T.V. networks, has been featured on thousands of magazines and newspapers. As a result, BBBI was awarded the Bowling Industry Media Award at International Bowl Expo, the industry's trade show in 2015.

BBBI National Exposure Award -

Fox & Friends - 2 Years In A Row

Kids Bowl Free® gets featured on Fox and Friends Two regulation lanes constructed overnight on the FOX TV Plaza and over 3 million viewers each year see and hear a lot about bowling. Many viewers from families through companies or organizations no doubt said “Hey, let’s go bowling” or “Let’s plan a bowling outing!”

KBF® All Over The Internet… In A Great Way!

As a result of BBBI’s expertise in marketing online and off, along with the internet exposure initiated by KBF® partner centers, the Kids Bowl Free® Summer Bowling Program has received tremendous exposure over the internet. Good news about the program has been spread for free by hundreds and hundreds of mommy bloggers coast to coast. Facebook postings and tons of other chatter have not only driven up awareness and activity for the KBF® promotion but have caused far many more families to think about and / or go bowling.

The Baker’s Dozen - Kids Bowl Free® Centers To Receive 13 Promotions On CD

In order to provide assistance to KBF® Center Operators on getting more visits from those in their various databases, BBBI has produced and is sending “The Baker’s Dozen” CD to all 2012 KBF® centers. The CD contains 13 promotions complete with professional looking artwork on a variety of marketing tools for a center’s customization and use. Each program has produced business for other centers and marketing tips from those successful employments are included.

Kids Bowl Free® Scores A Major P.R. Hit! 3 Million Viewers

On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, BBBI and the Kids Bowl Free® program accomplished a major public relations / promotional victory for the program as well as for bowling in general. The Kids Bowl Free® Program and bowling was on display for a significant portion of the three hour Fox and Friends Television show that reaches over 3 million people daily in the USA and Canada. The show’s anchors were genuinely excited to show off the special bowling equipment BBBI provided and they had a great deal of fun bowling on the outdoor lanes that were constructed in downtown New York.

Kids Bowl Free® Evolves Into A Year Round Marketing Bonanza For Participating Centers!

As of publishing time for this report the number of youth registered for Kids Bowl Free® 2011 is running a good deal ahead of past years at the same time. To date 3,778,250 kids have registered since the program’s inception. It appears that this year’s program could register close to 2 million children.

Southwest Airline Honors The KBF® Program In Its June 2011 Magazine

Southwest Airline’s in-flight magazine for the month of June carried the Kids Bowl Free® program as the #1 feature in it’s monthly “What To Do” calendar that appears in the 40th anniversary issue of “Spirit”, their publication. Southwest produces 464,000 magazines and estimates that in excess of 3.4 million people read the publication monthly. After the article appeared, BBBI contacted Southwest Airline’s officials to thank them and quickly the conversation turned to planning staff bowling parties for Southwest employees at various bowling locations. We will keep you updated.

KBF® to Provide FREE Grassroots Marketing Kit

A strong majority of the KBF® participants both kids and adults are new to bowling and as a result even though many show an interest in joining leagues or participating at levels beyond open play, they often find standard bowling center offers to be intimidating in terms of time commitment and or skill level requirements. BBBI has created a kit of introductory organized bowling programs for KBF® participating centers to use to market folks from their KBF® list into the center for more activity. The kits are on CD and are free.


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