Facenda Whitaker | E. Norriton, PA

Our center has been in Kids Bowl Free for 2 years and it has been very successful in many different ways. We have extra shoe revenue and concession sales were up over the prior summer. More importantly is the over 200 people that responded to our survey. I have hired a telemarketer to contact the over 200+ people that want information on bowling. From the youth email alone we signed up 9 more children into our junior league program.

Whenever we have a promotion or event that we think KBF families would be interested in, we send out an email. We consistently get a higher open rate than most other lists. We emailed the Kids Bowling Party, will email our Black Friday Shopping Special and Breakfast with Santa. It's a GREAT list!

Waiting lists in June . . . in the Midwest! Tuesday, June 17th at 1:30 in the afternoon, I've got a six-lane waiting list in a 24 lane bowling center. Really, unbelievable!

We have a very successful After School Bowling program that brings in about 500 kids per week to our two centers and the Kids Bowl Free program allows us to make another visit to those schools in the spring, that really helps enhance our relationships with those schools. It also has permitted us to reach out to new schools and "plant the seed" with those schools to do end of the school outings, post proms, etc. We often see "Kids Bowl Free" families in the winter either open bowling or doing birthday parties. Last year we had several families participate in our fall Adult Jr. Leagues as well as several kids who started Saturday morning junior bowling leagues. I feel that the Kids Bowl Free Program has been hugely successful in driving afternoon business in the summer. We often have 16-24 lanes 3 to 4 days a week in the afternoon of nothing but Kids Bowl Free bowling. Without your program, those lanes would be empty. Lastly, the email list generated by the program has been very useful in promoting not only our bowling events throughout the year, but also our restaurant specials.

Putnam Street Lanes | Fitchburg, MA

Last year I did the Kids Bowl program. It was the best thing I ever did. I’d say 95 percent of my business was the coupons. It was the greatest thing I did.

Crestwood Bowl | St. Louis, MO

This is our first year with KidsBowlFree.com. What a great program. We have 1,100 kids signed up, 85 family passes. I’ve had to change my hours from opening at four to opening at noon. I have mothers and their kids waiting at the door to come in. It’s great. My shoe rental has gone up, you know, and the food sales has actually picked up, too. So it’s a great program. Can’t wait to do it again.

Tiki Lanes | Lancaster, OH

I quickly added 8 new youth bowlers, had 12 brand new birthday parties booked that had never been here before, and got one whole adult team for a mixed league and two new men that joined a mixed league all from referral from the Kids Bowl Free Program. I am very pleased with our results for our first year doing this. I even had a couple that booked our banquet room for a private party. The PR we received from this program was overwhelming. Thanks to all of you for a better summer.

Buena Lanes | Ventura, CA

We just started the Kids Bowl Free program April 25th. We’ve had amazing results. We went to a Summer Fest, to our Ventura County school district, and passed out over 2,500 cards at that particular destination. We also went to a Beach in the Park type thing where we handed out probably another 1,000 cards. So we’ve been real active with this, and we’re showing real positive results. Our initial investment, within a 60-day period, we got a total return on our investment, and now it’s just bringing money into the center.

Holiday Bowl | Texarkana, AR

We are very happy with the marketing program put in place by the Kids Bowl Free program. The program has allowed us to get in touch with our customers in response to their interests. They have already expressed an interest, so they are receptive to our follow-ups. It has allowed us to expand our youth program, as well as put into motion ideas suggested by our customers. We have expanded our already successful birthday program, and the results have been great so far.

Hollywood Bowl | Lincoln, NE

Tuesday, June 17 at 1:30 in the afternoon, I’ve got a six-lane waiting list in a 24-lane bowling center. Really, unbelievable.

Hermitage Lanes | Hermitage, TN

We have floored 50 NEW youth bowlers in a ball/bag league developed JUST FOR KBFTM bowlers! We have numerous other KBFTM customers currently considering our offers. We plan on starting one new ball/bag league every eight weeks until every one of our (almost) 7000 KBFTM kids have their own ball and bag. We are HUGE fans of KBFTM and thank Bruce and Darin for investing in the future of our sport!

Red Apple Bowling Center | Bartlesville, OK

Last year we did our own in house program for what would be Kids Bowl Free. We did our own passes. We were really going to really beat the system by reinventing the wheel, I guess. We had people come in. They signed up. We had them fill out a data card which gave us the information that were needing, only to find out that it was just dirty information. We were getting bad email addresses, bad addresses, bad phone numbers. So we signed up for Kids Bowl Free this year, and it’s already well paid for us, both in the number of family passes that we’ve sold to pay for the program. We’ve got clean data already marketed out to these families and have actually put a league on the floor for the students. I highly recommend the Kids Bowl Free Program.