Boston Bowl | Boston, MA

The Kids Bowl Free Program brought in many new customers this summer that we are now seeing back in the center now that it is over. We had over 80 responses to our Jr. league program e-blast and now see some of those kids in our program. Our open play on Sunday as well as from 6pm - 9pm Friday and Saturday is way up and you can see the lanes filled with families bowling and eating together!! Our birthday party bookings have increased compared to last year, and we are having to scramble to call all the people that expressed interest in our programs via the survey that KBF™ took. Honestly was not quite prepared to follow up strongly on all the sales leads we got, but I’ve had worse problems!

Red Apple Bowling Center | Bartlesville, OK

Last year we did our own in house program for what would be Kids Bowl Free. We did our own passes. We were really going to really beat the system by reinventing the wheel, I guess. We had people come in. They signed up. We had them fill out a data card which gave us the information that were needing, only to find out that it was just dirty information. We were getting bad email addresses, bad addresses, bad phone numbers. So we signed up for Kids Bowl Free this year, and it’s already well paid for us, both in the number of family passes that we’ve sold to pay for the program. We’ve got clean data already marketed out to these families and have actually put a league on the floor for the students. I highly recommend the Kids Bowl Free Program.

We have a very successful After School Bowling program that brings in about 500 kids per week to our two centers and the Kids Bowl Free program allows us to make another visit to those schools in the spring, that really helps enhance our relationships with those schools. It also has permitted us to reach out to new schools and "plant the seed" with those schools to do end of the school outings, post proms, etc. We often see "Kids Bowl Free" families in the winter either open bowling or doing birthday parties. Last year we had several families participate in our fall Adult Jr. Leagues as well as several kids who started Saturday morning junior bowling leagues. I feel that the Kids Bowl Free Program has been hugely successful in driving afternoon business in the summer. We often have 16-24 lanes 3 to 4 days a week in the afternoon of nothing but Kids Bowl Free bowling. Without your program, those lanes would be empty. Lastly, the email list generated by the program has been very useful in promoting not only our bowling events throughout the year, but also our restaurant specials.