Red Apple Bowling Center | Bartlesville, OK

Last year we did our own in house program for what would be Kids Bowl Free. We did our own passes. We were really going to really beat the system by reinventing the wheel, I guess. We had people come in. They signed up. We had them fill out a data card which gave us the information that were needing, only to find out that it was just dirty information. We were getting bad email addresses, bad addresses, bad phone numbers. So we signed up for Kids Bowl Free this year, and it’s already well paid for us, both in the number of family passes that we’ve sold to pay for the program. We’ve got clean data already marketed out to these families and have actually put a league on the floor for the students. I highly recommend the Kids Bowl Free Program.

Hollywood Bowl | Lincoln, NE

Tuesday, June 17 at 1:30 in the afternoon, I’ve got a six-lane waiting list in a 24-lane bowling center. Really, unbelievable.

Buena Lanes | Ventura, CA

We just started the Kids Bowl Free program April 25th. We’ve had amazing results. We went to a Summer Fest, to our Ventura County school district, and passed out over 2,500 cards at that particular destination. We also went to a Beach in the Park type thing where we handed out probably another 1,000 cards. So we’ve been real active with this, and we’re showing real positive results. Our initial investment, within a 60-day period, we got a total return on our investment, and now it’s just bringing money into the center.