Kids Bowl Free Centers Enjoy Year-round Bowling Marketing And Promotion

For 5th Straight Year, Kids Bowl Free® Program Numbers Grow!

The number of bowling centers in the Kids Bowl Free® Summer Bowling Program went over the 1000 mark for 2012, with 1023 centers representing every state in the union and every province of Canada except Quebec. While the vast majority of the centers were ten pin operations, a good number of five pin and candlepin, as well as duckpin centers also participated. The number of kids registered as of this date is up nearly a quarter of a million over the same date last year with 1,865,114 registered to date in 2012. This year’s registration numbers took the number of kids registered since KBF’s® beginning in 2008 to over 6 million! This year’s 1.8 million children’s registrations resulted in centers adding 738,657 families to their center databases as bowling-interested families to market to. Interest in the program by families coast to coast continues to grow and while the number of centers participating in the Kids Bowl Free® program were up 9% over the previous year, youth registrations were up 13.8% and family pass sales jumped up 11.5%. This summer many centers offered extended times to participate and their shoe rental, food and beverage sales grew as well!