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Bowling Participation Rates For Women & Children On The Rise

As reported by a PepsiCo official and BPAA, recent growth in bowling participation appears to be due in large measure to a rise in participation by women and children. The increases in participation numbers come as little surprise to most KBF® center operators who have hosted thousands of children new to bowling through their KBF® programs and since over 80% of the adults registering children and/or purchasing family passes have been females it can be reasonably assumed that the Kids Bowl Free® program has contributed greatly to the welcome trending up of kids and women in bowling.

Kids Bowl Free® Program Participating Numbers Keep Growing

In the summer of 2010 BBBI registered 1,585,202 youth in the Kids Bowl Free® Program. The number far eclipsed the 1,078,010 that participated in 2009 and brings the total of kids registered to date in the program to 2,778,150! The 2010 participating children were registered by about 678,000 adults (parents / grandparents) that provided complete data including names, addresses, phone numbers, birth months as well as the adult’s email address for future contact purposes.

The Number Of Centers In The KBF® Program Jumps Dramatically

Beginning in the summer of 2008, BBBI introduced the Kids Bowl Free® Program as a pilot program originally intended to be run in just 20 centers. As word got out the number of centers grew to 90. In year two, the number of participating centers jumped to just over 500. In 2010, the program took a leap to 890 centers and more centers keep signing on weekly. Centers choosing to be a part of the program for 2011 are smart to sign on now to maximize the program’s efficiency for next spring.

Kids Bowl Free® Scores A Public Relations Home Run While Making A Difference...

Last summer the Kids Bowl Free® Summer Bowling program caught the attention of NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams. The summer bowling program was seen by the network and families as a great way to have fun with family and friends without busting their family budget during the tough economic climate of 2010.

BBBI Launches Internet Marketing Program As A Free Bonus For KBF® Program Participating Centers

At Bowl Expo 2010, Bowling Business Builders International made a major announcement that the decision had been made by BBBI to invest in creating a year round internet marketing program for participating centers. The marketing program is being executed on behalf of the KBF® centers at no charge by BBBI. The marketing program includes a survey of each center’s list which is designed to produce “hot leads” in a variety of bowling business categories for centers to follow up on.

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