Supporting Familes

BBBI is the business hub for, a free membership organization providing support and resources for parents of children with Extra Needs.

Bruce and Stephanie Davis, principal partners in BBBI, are the parents of three Extra Needs Children. Understanding the complexities of raising children with something “extra” led to the creation of and fuels their passion for helping other parents and families.  Over the years the Davis’ have met and friended countless other Extra Needs parents who were struggling to maintain a solid family unit while balancing enormous concerns.   Bruce and Stephanie combined their personal and professional expertise, along with fellow Extra Needs parent, Alysia Peddy, to create a resource specifically designed to help these parents, who often fall through the cracks of support.   The entire BBBI team has been a part of the Davis’ and Peddy’s rollercoaster journey of tragic and triumphant moments. BBBI is proud to support and guide Village members and marketing partners of this important community