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Fox & Friends - 2 Years In A Row

Kids Bowl Free® gets featured on Fox and Friends Two regulation lanes constructed overnight on the FOX TV Plaza and over 3 million viewers each year see and hear a lot about bowling. Many viewers from families through companies or organizations no doubt said “Hey, let’s go bowling” or “Let’s plan a bowling outing!”

The Baker’s Dozen - Kids Bowl Free® Centers To Receive 13 Promotions On CD

In order to provide assistance to KBF® Center Operators on getting more visits from those in their various databases, BBBI has produced and is sending “The Baker’s Dozen” CD to all 2012 KBF® centers. The CD contains 13 promotions complete with professional looking artwork on a variety of marketing tools for a center’s customization and use. Each program has produced business for other centers and marketing tips from those successful employments are included.


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