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Fox & Friends - 2 Years In A Row

Kids Bowl Free® gets featured on Fox and Friends Two regulation lanes constructed overnight on the FOX TV Plaza and over 3 million viewers each year see and hear a lot about bowling. Many viewers from families through companies or organizations no doubt said “Hey, let’s go bowling” or “Let’s plan a bowling outing!”

KBF® All Over The Internet… In A Great Way!

As a result of BBBI’s expertise in marketing online and off, along with the internet exposure initiated by KBF® partner centers, the Kids Bowl Free® Summer Bowling Program has received tremendous exposure over the internet. Good news about the program has been spread for free by hundreds and hundreds of mommy bloggers coast to coast. Facebook postings and tons of other chatter have not only driven up awareness and activity for the KBF® promotion but have caused far many more families to think about and / or go bowling.


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