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Since the 90 center start in 2008, the number of participating centers has steadily grown past 1,000 to 1,264 in the summer of 2016. Reports from centers confirm that in just the category of summer shoe rental revenues alone, participating centers to date have taken in over $100 million dollars!!!!


The Kids Bowl Free Family Bowling Adult Youth Mini League is a program designed to introduce adults and children to league bowling using a special bowling format that has great appeal to those low in bowling skills. Bowling's most hidden league asset . . . adult/youth format built to attract families new to league play to your center. Teams will participate in a specific bowling format that is fun, not intimidating, and sure to create excitement, positive word of mouth and future business your the center.


BBBI operates a very strong public relations arm of its Kids Bowl Free Marketing Movement and in partnership with its Public Relations Firm, has been covered by all the major T.V. networks, has been featured on thousands of magazines and newspapers. As a result, BBBI was awarded the Bowling Industry Media Award at International Bowl Expo, the industry's trade show in 2015.

BBBI National Exposure Award -


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